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Friday, July 27, 2012

Extreme Downpours On The Rise In Maryland

Scientists Link Trend to Global Warming

: Environment Maryland will hold a press conference to release a new report documenting the increase in the frequency of extreme rainstorms and snowstorms over the past 65 years in Maryland. Recent extreme rainstorms and snowstorms are highlighted as part of a larger trend of more powerful storms occurring more often—a trend that scientists have linked to global warming. Advocates will use this latest data as further evidence for the compelling need for state and federal leaders to reduce global warming pollution.

WHO: Congressman John Sarbanes (MD-3), U.S. House of Representatives
Ben Zaitchik, Asst. Professor of Earth & Planetary Sciences, Johns Hopkins University
Ken Mallette, Executive Director, MD Emergency Management Agency, invited
Tommy Landers, Director, Environment Maryland

WHEN: 10:00 AM, Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

WHERE: Broadway Street Pier in Fells Point.

VISUALS: Backdrop of inner harbor that has flooded in recent years. Enlarged map showing extreme precipitation trends.


Anonymous said...

Naturally the pollution reduction and restrictions will apply to every place other than Baltimore and PG county.
Heavy rains have never happened before? I'm guessing the word "unprecedented" will appear a gazillion times.

Anonymous said...

OMG! their should be a special tax created for this.

Anonymous said...

What a crock of crap.

Anonymous said...

11:38-I agree.In addition, that ship has sailed.Too many years of environmental abuse to turn it around,unless the earth corrects itself.

Anonymous said...

Yeah because I'm sure the earth is going to fix itself with closed minded people like you. If the planet fixes itsself I'm sure its first move would to remove the cause of the problem. But hey who cares what kind of place we leave for our children and their children. I'm not saying this article is spot on but anyone with a functional brain should be able to see our actions do have repercussions. And we are starting to see the damage the last 100 years has caused.

Anonymous said...

Read this more carefully.It's only a press conference.People speaking about environmental issues for political reasons.Absolutely no one is stepping up to the plate.They are only stepping up to a microphone.Please enlighten all of us by explaining how that helps anything.Any idiot can talk.What we need now is action.

Anonymous said...

On the radio this morning they were talking about breaking a record high temperature set in 1930. Wow those 300 model T's on the road must have really put out some serious emissions back then.

Anonymous said...

Earth is how many years old?

Where are their stats for the years before 1947?

How foolish and wasteful this effort is.

If there is a need to improve infrastructure in the form of levees, dams, holding ponds then make the case and lets get to work.

Or we could encase the Peoples Republic of MD in a giant translucent carport and have exactly the weather we want each and every day, as determined by the experts and the Lords of Annapolis!

Stand by for the announcement of a special session to enact that!

Anonymous said...

What a waste. How foolish are we to think we can control it.

Guess what, it gets hot...and it gets cold. Got it?!?