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Friday, July 27, 2012


Pet stores have long been under fire for selling dogs from puppy mills. After years of protestors, petitions, boycotts, and angry animal rights activists, some are starting to make serious changes. The latest trend is for retailers to shift from stocking their shelves with mistreated puppy mill pups to filling their shops with adoptable dogs from high kill animal shelters instead. Many of these transformations are being done through the help of animal advocate organizations such as Pet Connection Inc. and Best Friends.

Best Friends, a Utah-based animal sanctuary has single handedly helped almost 40 pet shops in the US to convert to adopt only stores through its Puppy Mill Initiatives program. In their stand against puppy mills and irresponsible breeding, the Best Friends Puppy Mill Initiatives program holds peaceful demonstrations in front of pet stores that sell puppy mill dogs. Representatives from the campaign strive to educate consumers about inhumane treatment of dogs in puppy mills and encourage people to adopt versus purchase pups from pet stores. Best Friends launched their first Puppy Mills Initiative program in Los Angeles in 2008 and have since expanded their efforts across the country.

Pets of Bel Air, an upscale boutique pet store in Bel Air, California, was once considered the pet store to the stars, outfitting the likes of Paris Hilton with pricey teacup Chihuahuas, before being forced to close down from allegations of selling pets from 28 separate puppy mills. With the help of Best Friend, the store is now occupied by Fresh Paws of Bel Air, which is run by Ilene Katz and Linda Massaro. The stores new owners have taken a stand against puppy mill dogs and have dedicated their retail space towards their humane business model that involves finding homes for deserving shelter dogs. The boutique adopts out dogs for a fee of $495 to $650 and gives half the cost back to the shelter or the rescue organization from which the dogs came from.



Anonymous said...

I could not be any happier about this! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful Idea. It has been in place in several places for a while. If people would just stop buying puppy mill pups the animal over population problem in this country would change drastically. Every year 4 to 5 million animals are killed in US shelters while 8 million new pets are sold mostly puppy mill pups from pet shops. So bottom line is no puppy mills no animals being killed every year. Please don't buy while shelter dogs die!!!

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Perhaps Twilley Ctr will consider doing this, then I won't have to go across town to buy my pet items----Because-----
I refuse to shop where they have the Puppy Mill pups for sale!

Thank you to "Pet Smart" for all you do to support Rescue Groups by allowing them to come in your store to bring the Rescues for possible adoption. & to the Delmarva Cat Connection.
Bless you for doing that!! I shall
do my business with you!