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Friday, July 27, 2012

Slightly Fewer Employers Checking Job Applicants’ Credit Reports

Despite proof that a person's credit history isn't an accurate predictor of their job performance, companies still do it. This is unfortunate for candidates whose recent payment history isn't so great because they--I don't know--need a better job, or don't have one to begin with. The good news for job hunters is that the number of employers performing these checks is falling.

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Anonymous said...

Also concentrate on cleaning up your facebook page.A potential employer won't even mention checking your facebook.He/she simply will evaluate the contents and go from there.No explanation is necessary.You simply won't hear from them again because they don't want to hire a freek.Way too many people have bad credit to strongly consider it in hiring.

Anonymous said...

Dirty secret is there are fewer people being hired to check credit for.

Anonymous said...

they don't want to hire a freek.

Or anyone who can't spell freak.