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Friday, July 27, 2012

Romney Camp Hits Obama Over "It Worked," Left Screams "Out of Context"

Impressively quick reflexes from the Romney campaign -- hopefully this is only the beginning of a wider attack strategy constructed around "it worked:"

Liberals are again claiming that Obama is being taken "out of context" here.  Slate's Dave Weigel says Obama was obviously referring to the Clinton-era tax rates -- which he mentioned just prior to "it worked."  Five points:  (1) If you read the full transcript of the speech, Obama was building a broader case against Mitt Romney's "top down" approach to governance (full of distortions, of course, but that's politics).  The president described at length the "contrasting visions" that separate himself from his opponent, listing off tendentiously-phrased examples along the way.  So the "context" of "it worked" was ambiguous, at best.  The Examiner's Joel Gehrke makes this point, as does The Fix's Aaron Blake, albeit reluctantly:



Anonymous said...

We've already seen enough cherry picked sound bites, dog on car roof stories, phony Bain capital attacks, phony proBain capital claims, and enough mudlsinging ad money to sponsor 3 superbowls to make this perhaps the biggest race to the bottom of the crap pile we've seen in years. Can we get this over already??!!

Anonymous said...

It did work. He set out to destroy America and he has pretty much accomplished his goal.

Anonymous said...

10:06 Change is what I believe he called it.

Anonymous said...

Why waste so much money on attack ads, I would think donating some would help out their view in our eyes right? Obama is screwed.