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Friday, July 27, 2012

Police: Drunk 'Martini' Tried To Run Down Officer

Ocean City Police have arrested and charged a Pennsylvania man with several counts of assault after investigators say he tried to run down an officer.

Investigators say an officer on bike patrol pulled over an SUV driven by 20-year-old Corey Martini for a traffic violation.

As the officer was speaking with Martini he noticed the smell of alcohol on the man and saw a bag of pot in the SUV, according to police.



Anonymous said...

Would the clever headline writer think it just as funny if someone named Poole drowned? Or if someone named Walker tripped and fell?

Anonymous said...

Or a guy named Johnson who gets caught in some farm machinery?

Anonymous said...

The visual of a bike pulling over an SUV is comical. I'm glad the officer wasn't hurt but I have to ask do the bikes have lights and sirens? The little ringy dingy bell just will not cut it.

Anonymous said...

Ban Vehicles from Ocean City. Run it like Disney world.

Anonymous said...

Was the suspect shaken before he was stirred?

Anonymous said...

A bicycle pulling over vehicles? It's a shame he didn't run over the bicycle.

Why don't you guys go back to the undercover taxis? Then you could ride around all day in the a/c.

They need to change that policy of bikes pulling over vehicles. Have the ones on bikes call it in to a marked police vehicle and let them pull over vehicles.

That's just stupid having bikes doing traffic control.

How long before one gets hurt or run over?


Anonymous said...

I read in one story that he received just a $5,000 bail. That CAN'T be right.
If this idiot purposely tried to hit the officer, no matter how drunk or drug-induced the act was, he should get NO bail. Let's send a message for once that you don't mess with the police in Ocean City!

Anonymous said...

Um its a pretty well known fact not even to look at ocpd or you will be looking at charges. They have a cellphone size light on the bike no sirens.

Anonymous said...

Let's send a message for once that you don't mess with the police in Ocean City!

July 27, 2012 1:30 PM

Nobody wants to 'mess' with OCPD. They don't even want to associate or be around OCPD.

Doesn't the city still hire young punk wannabe's to wear a uniform and walk the streets?

Most of the regular cops think they are stars on some t.v. cop show. Lol.

Doesn't matter too much to me since I don't go to that slimy 'family vacation spot'. LMAO.

Just remember guys, karma is a bitch, and you have some coming.

Anonymous said...

How does WBAL of BALTIMORE have this story and the Daily Times is sound asleep?

Good thing there's this blog to bring us the local news.

Anonymous said...


Walk a mile (or the Boardwalk) in the OCPD's shoes one time. For the next few weeks they patrol and control the 2nd largest city in the State of Maryland. Then add the fact that most vacationers leave their brains and common sense on the other side of the Route 50 Bridge. Compare Ocean City's crime stats to even the 10th largest city. For that matter, compare it to Salisbury.

"slimy"? Makes me wonder where you go on vacation...? Williamsburg Pottery Plant? Branson?

Anonymous said...

Walk a mile (or the Boardwalk) in the OCPD's shoes one time

Why would I want to do that?

"slimy"? Makes me wonder where you go on vacation...? Williamsburg Pottery Plant? Branson?

July 27, 2012 4:18 PM

Why would that make you wonder where I vacation at?

And why would you want me to compare OC's crime stats with other cities? Are you perhaps trying to say OC has lower crime numbers?

Even if that were the case, there could be multiple reasons for it, so I'm not sure what it is you are trying to say.

As a matter of fact, your whole comment is rather vague.

We can agree with the part about people leaving their brains and common sense on the other side of the bridge.

But that isn't really such a compliment for you and OC, since that is their destination.

But maybe a lower I.Q. would enable most to have a good time in your city.

If you want to try again with a reasonable and understandable comment, I will look at it later. If you don't want to, that's fine as well. You really seem to have trouble getting your point across.

Anonymous said...

4:18 you need to get out more. The pottery plant as you call it has been redone. It is not even in the same building its like a strip mall now. I didn't like it at all. We where in Williamsbug twice this year. It's a great place to go to learn about history and see where history was made. We have also been to Branson. Have you? That was one of the nicest towns I have ever been to. Many of the shows we didn't know the singers but it was Christmas time so they all had Christmas programs. It was a great trip! Don't judge a place you have never been to it really makes you look bad.

Anonymous said...


If you have trouble with my "...trying to get a point across...", then any further attempts would be in vain, but I'll try again considering that you are most likely from the Eastern Shore, and have been schooled in that area. Read my lips:

My point is that the OCPD has an incredibly difficult mission during the summer months. The "young punks" as you call the summer police force are mostly college students taking Criminology classes to become future lawyers and judges. They undergo a year of prep in OC prior to taking the position as an officer.
As a resident of Ocean City (via Washington DC) I/we are proud of our police force, which is something most members of this blog cannot say about their local police force. I've noticed many times on this forum complaints about SPD.

As for vacations: I'm too young for Branson and I don't have I love Ocean City - "slimy" as it is. When I'm old and bored, I'll probably like the other places, but not yet. Give me the three-month carnival of OC, and the nine months of blissful peace in this town. You can keep your crime-ridden 12 months of YOUR city.
(By the way... I went downtown tonight in OC with my nieces and nephews and we all had a blast on the Boardwalk and rides. Did you go downtown in YOUR city tonight?)

You get my point now?