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Friday, July 27, 2012

ICE, Border Patrol Unions Claim Illegal Immigrants Exploiting 'Dreamer' Policy

Union heads representing thousands of America's immigration agents slammed the Obama administration Thursday over a policy they claim is forcing officials to ignore the law and allowing illegal immigrants to exploit the system.

In a startling allegation, the president of the union representing Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers claimed illegal immigrants are "taking advantage" of a new directive allowing some undocumented residents who came to the U.S. as children to stay in the country. Union boss Chris Crane said the policy ends up allowing illegal immigrants to avoid detention without any proof -- particularly so-called "dreamers," or those illegal immigrants who would benefit under the "DREAM Act" proposal, which Congress has not passed but the administration  has partially implemented.


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Anonymous said...

Wow, this is a tough nut to crack! On the one hand, Obummer wants to attract the hispanic vote by giving away money and benefits to Illegal immagrants and still letting them vote here using dead peoples' names, and on the other hand his union cronies are angry that these illegal aliens are not in the union and not paying their dues. Bummer, man. It's hard to lie, cheat, and steal from the same set of people on a constant basis without somebody getting pissed....