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Friday, July 27, 2012

San Francisco Library Providing Helpful Privacy Screens For Online Porn-Viewing Comfort

Just because a person is viewing online porn at a public library doesn't necessarily mean they want everyone to know that — and plenty of fellow patrons might not want to accidentally catch an eyeful, either. San Francisco's main library is taking all that into consideration with its new privacy screens on its free computers.

The idea is that the 18 new plastic shields will limit what can be seen on the computers' monitors to the person using that particular machine, reports

A city librarian said the library doesn't want to filter Internet access, so the screens allow for free and equal access to information without offending anyone.



Anonymous said...

Good ole California , land of the weird , stupid and fags.

Jack K Richards said...

Only in Sab Francisco DUH

Anonymous said...

So what are the providing for the pervs to take care of their messy business?

Anonymous said...

These are splash screens, 11:05! They only call them privacy screens for the press!

Anonymous said...

The BIGGER issue is that the screens keep people from looking over your shoulder to see whatever it is you are looking at online.

They just used porn as an example. But there are some with limited reasoning skills that can't get past that.

This particular library went with this option INSTEAD of filtering (censoring) internet access.

In essence they are preserving your first amendment right.

Even if some might wish the first 4 commentors had no first amendment right.