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Friday, May 04, 2012

Secret Warrants

The Justice Department is relying more and more on secret warrants to carry out investigations against suspected spies and terrorists. The Federation of American Scientists uncovered a letter the agency sent to the Senate. It said Justice asked a secret court's permission to wiretap or search for evidence more than 1,700 times last year. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court did not reject any requests, although it modified a few of them. At the same time, the letter said, the FBI was making fewer national security letter requests than in the past. Those letters let it collect sensitive and private information about people in the United States.


Anonymous said...

Good.The bridge incident earlier this week is a prime example of why such actions are necessary.I'm sure that some people will react negatively to such measures,citing our basic rights and freedoms,but it's come to this.I've noticed that even locally people associate terrorism with skin color.How stupid is that to limit a percieved threat to people of asian origin.White,black,Indian,oriental,you name it.Anyone can be a terrorist.Our government is doing an excellent job.I have nothing to hide.

lmclain said...

Same thing the Jews said. And the 20 million Russians Stalin killed, too. Don't worry, we have nothing to hide". And don't forget the MILLIONS slaughtered by Mao Tse-Tung. None of them had anything to hide either. They were just on the wrong side of the murderous authorities who assured everyone they were "keeping them secure" or "ridding the country of spies and other dangerous people". Refer to a previous article about the FBI CREATING "terrorists", then trumpeting their "skill" at finding all these "plots". Quit falling for all the "there are boogeymen all around us!! crap. Are you THAT naive? The Constitution is merely a piece of paper our government wipes it's ass on, but PLEASE stop surrendering MY rights just because YOU don't think they are that important. Or move to China, where you would be much safer and would probably fit right in with the regime's way of thinking.