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Friday, May 04, 2012

Berlin’s Main Street Corridor All Filled Up

BERLIN -- With the addition of three new businesses this spring, Berlin’s Main St. is officially full.

Town representatives were enthusiastic about what having a Main St. without any commercial vacancies means for Berlin.

“Now we begin what I call the ‘Early Years of the Berlin Renaissance,’” said Mayor Gee Williams.

The last four years have seen a surge of businesses setting up shop in Berlin. According to Economic and

Community Development Director Michael Day, there has been a net gain of 21 new businesses in the downtown area since June 2008, with nine businesses leaving but 30 fresh operations moving in.

“Since 2008, the downtown has seen a net gain of 84 jobs,” said Day.

Boosting the downtown will be three new businesses that will soon be moving into the last openings on Main St.



Anonymous said...

The advantages of not having a "plaza" just an open Main street. Salisbury needs to tear that entire plaza out and turn it back into a regular street.

Anonymous said...

I agree 11:44

I saw somebody getting a ticket yesterday, in the parking lot across from Feldmans.

The parking lot was mostly empty anyway, it wasn't like cars were lined up and couldn't get a parking spot.

If we make it more business friendly, maybe the city could get some outlet stores to open downtown. The prices would be encouraging people to shop here instead of Rehobeth.

With the price of gas, the sales tax wouldn't even be a factor!

Anonymous said...

I work in downtown Berlin! beautiful and quiet, love this place :)

Anonymous said...

Just need officials who are pro business and not worried how much money business people make.

Anonymous said...

At this time Berlin looks the best it has ever looked. I see people walking down the streets and shopping all the time! Berlin is really building alot of new places too.Crackel Barrel, Super Walmart,Home Depot, Casino at Ocean Downs, Doctors offices, Hosipital, years ago Berlin had nothing to offer now it is thriving keep it coming living close to this area I have to no longer ride to Salisbury which is fine with me.