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Friday, March 09, 2012

White House Pushes Back on Report of Deal With Israelis Over Iran Strike

The White House artfully pushed back Thursday on a report in an Israeli newspaper that claimed the U.S. offered Israel high-tech weaponry like bunker-busting bombs and refueling planes in exchange for a pledge to hold off on attacking Iran until 2013.

Press Secretary Jay Carney, asked about the article at the daily briefing, said "there was no such agreement proposed or reached" in meetings President Obama held -- without appearing to comment on what other officials might have discussed.

"We have ... high-level cooperation between the Israeli military and the U.S. military, at other levels with other agencies in their government and our government, but that was not a subject of discussion in the president's meetings," Carney said.

Defense officials, though, told Fox News that no "sweeteners" were offered to the Israelis during Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's visit this past week.


Anonymous said...

They already have bunker busters that they got from the good ole USA

Anonymous said...

Hussien wants them to hold off until he gets re-elected or until Israel is eliminated, whichever comes first.