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Friday, March 09, 2012

Arer You Buying This Crap?

The Federal Aviation Administration is setting up a half dozen test ranges as it prepares to integrate unmanned aircraft into the nation's aerospace system. Congress told the agency to start the tests in this year's defense and FAA reauthorization bills, and to approve unmanned systems in the nation's airspace by 2015. Transportation secretary Ray Lahood said some of the initial uses of drones on domestic soil could be to spot wildfires and assess natural disasters. The FAA said it would take public comments on its test range plans for 60 days before issuing a request for proposals.


Anonymous said...

Just another way for the gov't to keep tabs on us.

Anonymous said...

i've personally worked on some of these systems. On one being developed for use by our troops. I told the manufacturer I didn't see enough of a market to justify the technology he stated they could use them to keep track of us by the civilian authorities! Guess where all this is headed? the photo enforcement was also military technology adapted for civilian use. along with many others! get used to being watched and screwed. But you ain't getting the kiss!