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Friday, March 09, 2012

Ocean City Collective Bargaining-General Employees

FYI: Most of the General Employees are not even close to being in the top 100 employees salary listing who are looking to get collective bargaining. The General Employees who are in the top are supervisors or department heads. The ones on the list are also officers who already have the privilege of having it. Thankful to be employed, yes, but unless you are an employee no one has any idea what goes on behind the scenes.

Proud Ocean City Employee with 33 yrs. experience


Former OC Worker said...

The supervisors and department heads at Ocean City businesses are not the ones who need unions. Most workers below them working for the city, hotels and restaurants are the ones who need unions since many of them are treated like prisoners while working in hostile work environments.

Anonymous said...

Ocean City employee for 33 years you don't think the officers salaries are too high. You don't think the taxes, fees, licenses, permits, parking etc. are too high in ocean city. Cmon give me a break.