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Friday, March 09, 2012

Who Should Pay This Sick Rescue Dog's Vet Bills?

Last month, Zachary and his girlfriend adopted an adorable dog, Sophie, from a rescue organization. She had been transported across several states from a shelter to her new home, but arrived extremely ill. Her new family rushed her to the veterinarian, where she got badly needed but expensive treatment. The vet claims that Sophie should never have traveled in her condition, and would have showed symptoms long before the transport left. The rescue claims that she wasn't sick before departure. So who should pay this vet bill?

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Anonymous said...

Southern shelters are hot beds for disease. All dogs traveling to the north are supposed to have been quarantined for at least 14 days before transport and accompanied by a health certificate. If this was not done then the sending rescue that pulled the dog from the shelter would be breaking the law as would the transporter. However with disease so bad down there and so many dogs being killed everyday people are desperate to try to get them to homes in the north. Shelters there do not have the income or resources as shelters to the north they are very underfunded and accidents happen. Just glad the pup made it and they had a good vet willing to work with them on cost. Animals are sent out of local shelters sick too. .

Anonymous said...

I fostered for a Rescue Group in Delaware. They picked up lots of dogs from shelters down South to bring up here But , as said above---they had to be quarantined for so many days there before transport to Delaware. The clearance papers on the dogs came with them.