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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Labor Department Cracks Down On Improper Unemployment Payments

The Labor Department wants states to help crack down on improper payments under the unemployment insurance program. Labor said it created the Fraud Tips and Leads Gateway, an online tool designed to let the public report suspected unemployment insurance fraud, then have state authorities investigate those leads. Labor is also creating new consumer-facing materials designed to help keep people from making improper claims in the first place. Labor has been trying to crack down on improper unemployment payments, which amounted to around $19 billion over the past three years.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

One person who was laid off from where I work (in a group of 5 others) started working another job about 6 months down the line. We found out he was working and called in to report it.
They acted like they could have cared less!
At the same time, OUR unemployment rating is hit with every unemployment dollar that's paid out.
He worked this other job all the way up until his benefits ran out!
All the while, still getting an unemployment check!
ThIS is what's wrong with our government and why so many people have become ANTI Government!
There's NO oversight of the rules and laws they make!
That's why I'm so AGAINST paying any additional taxes. Take the money I've already paid you and do what you're supposed to do!
DO YOUR JOB! Then, make people who work for the government DO THIER JOB!