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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Senate Adds New Tax For High Earners To Pay For Schools

The Senate voted 26-20 for a late amendment to a bill that would raise the state income tax by .25% for most Marylanders. The added amendment goes a step further, raising the bill’s proposed tax rate for anyone making over $500,000 from 5.5% to 5.75% for every dollar earned. The new provision would raise an additional $30 million in new revenue for aging schools.

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Anonymous said...

This is such B.S.

Can not wait to leave this awful state.

Anonymous said...

Delaware looks better every day

Anonymous said...

Like the both of you make 500,000. or more. LOL.

Anonymous said...

again I will state:

"I told you so", now that i said my peace let me say this:

Get the hell out of MD while you can afford to... MD is a police state now...

The only reason where in this bad mess is because O'failly is trying to be president or some senator or something so HE DOES THIS THINKING IT WILL HELP HIM, yet Obama doesn't even know his name or anything about him lmao...

Anonymous said...

So the people with the money (and the means to leave) are being chased out.
Stupid libtards like O'faily just don't get it.
Soon they will come after everyone at the point of a gun for your assets to fund the big monster called the government.
Government has become the biggest crime organisation ever.

Anonymous said...

Government has become the biggest crime organisation ever.

March 15, 2012 6:16 PM

Au contraire my good man. Government HAS ALWAYS been a criminal enterprise.

Look at the similarities of the structure of government, the police(enforcers)lawyers, different ranks= police captns, chiefs, mayors governors, etc. etc. with organized crime.

It's virtually the same thing. One is 'legal' and one is not. They function the same way. Their goals are the same. And it's always the civilians that get caught in the middle.

Only difference is instead of outright killing you like the mafia will, the powers that be will put you in jail.

But even that is starting to change, as we have seen repeatedly the last few months.

Just keep paying your protection money, (taxes) and hope you're on the winning team.

Anonymous said...

I may not make that much money, but rest assure I do think this will amount will get lower and lower, as more people leave Maryland.

Anonymous said...

Maryland is a CORRUPTED state. Head south. We don't want you in Delaware. Don't bring this mess to Delaware. We've already felt some of the effects from some who have moved to this State