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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

‘I’ll be Fine. I‘ll Do It’: Helmet Cam Video of Fourth-Grader’s First Ever Ski Jump Will Pump You Up

It’s getting to be that time on a Monday where you just may need an inspirational pick-me-up. This viral video that began spinning around the Web last week is just what the doctor ordered.

If you think you have a daunting week ahead of you, this youngin’ can provide you with the perfect metaphor to help you overcome looming challenges. A fourth grader, according to the YouTube description, is standing at the top of her first ever ski jump — there is actually debate on whether it‘s a he or she but we’ll go with she. She’s whimpering, unsteady on her legs and her tone of voice doesn’t boast much confidence in her abilities.

Watch as she psyches herself up to take the jump, giving us a helmet-cam point-of-view (Note: Sound is a must for this one):

Video and photos HERE

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