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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Doctors Insist Woman With 24-Pound Tumor Is Just Pregnant

In a story that seems like the exact opposite of those shows where women don't think they're pregnant and yet, oops, out comes a baby, a woman in Barcelona was pretty darn sure she wasn't pregnant, and yet doctors insisted she was. Really, she had a 24-pound cancerous uterine tumor.



lmclain said...

Who's pasing out medical degrees in Barcelona? A simple blood test would have told the story. What the the "doctor" do"? Consult tarot cards?

Anonymous said...

remember friends; doctors are still only "practicing medicine"; they still have a lot to learn.

thank God for doctors, but they don't know everything. take responsibility for your own health. never let the doctor be the last word if you havent' done your own homework. always be pro-active regarding your health and the health of your family.