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Friday, January 13, 2012


To the complete Idiot who has been sending in President Obama death threats, I want you people to know something right here and now and I am extremely serious.

About 2 years ago the Anti Albero Bloggers made contact, (some how) with the FBI trying to claim I was making death threats towards the President. Within no time at all they had contacted me because they could not find any such remark on Salisbury News, because there were none.

Nevertheless, we had a pretty decent discussion about these people and what they've been capable of over the years but to make a long story short he gave me his e-mail address and phone number. He asked me, at any time, if someone sends in any death threats towards the President, would I be so kind as to forward them to him. Believe it or not, there's been quite a few and every single one of them were sent to him.

TODAY, there have been MANY such comments in which we have rejected, HOWEVER, if you think for a second they do not have the ability to track you back and find out WHO is making such threats, you're NUTS. I have forwarded every single one of them and today's comments seem to be much more harsh than any others in the past.

Hopefully some time soon we'll learn of someone here on the Eastern Shore who has been arrested for making such anonymous threats. The funny part about all of this is that once again the Anti Albero Bloggers thought they were getting one up on me again and once again it backfired on THEM.

You just keep sending in those stupid comments. I will continue to forward them to my contact and YOU will get locked up.


andy said...

Good job joe, I really enjoy your sight, I'm sure there are assholes who dont like what you do, please keep up the good work

anna leah said...

i agree wtih andy

Anonymous said...

I appreciate being able to voice my concerns on this site.As I often disagree with various articles and opinions I read here ,I wouldn't think of wishing harm to anyone that held a conflicting view.The result of discussion and debate are things that has made our country great.