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Friday, January 13, 2012

Palin Advises Romney On Bain

The Romney campaign's "Bain problem," which is also now the Republican party's problem, doesn't look like it's going away anytime soon. Sure, Republicans are figuring out that this is not a winning issue for them. Thus they've circled their wagons around Romney, and even tried to get Newt to turn it down a couple of notches. Even the funder who gave Newt the money to green-light "When Mitt Romney Came To Down" is having second thoughts.

But never mind all that. The story has now gotten big enough to draw Sarah Palin out of an extended break from her bus tour, to advise Romney to open up the books on his tenure at Bain.



Alex said...

The words Palin and Advises should never be used in the same sentence, ever.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so hear is the real test of how good of a leader Romney may or maynot be. Taking any advice from Palin seriously on any topic besides moose hunting shows you'll probably suck as president. Still can't believe wacko McCain picked this chick up.