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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

My Husband Is a First Responder. COVID-19 Hits Home for the Kids and Me.

Last fall my husband was one of three firefighters to save a family from an apartment fire. All three men won an award from the county for their courage.

But my husband, who also is an emergency medical technician, won’t be stepping up to receive that award any time soon. The ceremony was canceled because of COVID-19.

I haven’t heard a peep of complaint from him, and I know I won’t. First responders don’t like to be fawned over. In fact, they often refuse even modest appreciation (unless it’s in the form of a baked good).



Anonymous said...

In form of a baked good. This is very true.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is this? So you don't get an awards ceremony. People in hell want ice water.

Anonymous said...

Than you for sharing your story. We take people for granted and forget they have lives too. You don't always know what other people must sacrafice to do their jobs.

Anonymous said...

They have a job , they get paid to do what they do , they have chosen this profession , so what's the big deal , how about a pat on the back .

Anonymous said...

How about a cookie. They like baked goods.