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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Helpful Tips and Websites for Parents Schooling at Home

Parents throughout America may be struggling to find ways to encourage their children’s learning while working from home themselves during the coronavirus crisis.

Many school districts are ill-equipped to conduct full online learning, but, despite the situation, parents can meet the challenge of providing educational experiences for their children of any age and may find it to be a very rewarding opportunity at that.

First and foremost, parents can de-stress immediately with the knowledge they do not need to replicate school at home. Remember that schools must provide services to many children at once, and now you can devote time to your children alone.

Ty Salvant, a veteran homeschooler with six children and founder of Louisiana’s NOLA Homeschoolers, emphasized to Fox 8 that parents don’t need to provide six to eight hours of instructional time daily for their children.

“One of the tips I give to families of elementary age and younger students is that two hours of instruction is enough, and it doesn’t have to be consecutive,” Salvant said, adding that four hours is appropriate for high school-age children.

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And don't forget about American history and civics while they are learning from home. Parents today might learn something too.

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