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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

China Virus Demands Reckoning for Beijing

The China Virus has wreaked economic havoc. It has infected tens of thousands of Americans, killing several hundred so far. This is an immense tragedy for all those affected, whether they have lost jobs, health (either temporarily or permanently), or loved ones.

Sadly, it didn’t have to happen. Despite massive dis-information efforts, evidence has emerged that the government of the People’s Republic of China engaged in a cover up that lasted weeks, if not months. Even as this evidence mounts, the Chinese Communists have spewed the despicable lie that the Wuhan coronavirus is somehow a biological weapon developed by the United States Army.

Mainstream media outlets like The New York Times, The Washington Post, and the Times of London — all of which are grossly biased against President Donald Trump — have published reports about what the Chinese Communists knew, when they knew it, and how they tried to keep that knowledge from the world. The Financial Times has some even more damning reports about how Taiwan’s warnings to the World Health Organization were ignored.

China fed the world lies and propaganda for weeks to cover up the existence of the Wuhan coronavirus, and at the very least the WHO went along. It may be more than coincidence that China backed the election of WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in 2017. Ghebreyesus has spent the last two months downplaying the threat, while providing cover and offering fawning praise for the ChiComs.



Anonymous said...

This was the perfect storm. Between China's lack of human rights, and the dumbass Democrats impeachment disaster being all the focus, what do you expect?

Anonymous said...

An indelible stain on People's Republic of China and President Xi.

Anonymous said...

I believe it was coordinated by both militaries. I don’t trust anything the US Government reports. Nothing. Ditto for Communist China.

The fact it first went to China, Iran, and Korea tells me the US was complicit.

It is the US Government who spends Trillions of Dollars per year it doesn’t have - and the Dollar was in trouble. The US Government used this incident as cover for a currency reset.

Anonymous said...

The United States maintained a "forward observer " , if you will , in China to monitor pandemic events. Trump removed that position. We would have know about it sooner had that position been kept.

Blame who ever you want but this is a fact

Anonymous said...

Geezus dude. Get off the crack pipe.

Anonymous said...

All of the people worldwide who have or will die from this, the suffering medically and financial for Italy, US, and all the others. The next waiver will be in tragically under-resourced countries like Haiti. The negligence, lying, and perhaps intention of this will need to be dealt with.

Anonymous said...

They probably won’t spray it in Haiti

Not much of an economy there to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Commenters: I suggest you consider alternate theories other than MSM or the criminal CDC. You know they are liars.

Henry Makow has an excellent article today.
King World News has some very good writings about the Fed’s criminal policies

Stop accusing smarter people of being on crack. It serves no purpose unless you are an intelligence operative?

Anonymous said...

you folks are fools, I seldom trust our government, but to say our government was behind this is total bs! although I don't doubt the dems would love something like this! the communists are in fact the ones who unleashed this on the world and need to be held accountable. but the dems who are bought and paid for by the commies will let them off the hook as usual!

Anonymous said...

The public knew about it when china built a massive hospital in 2 weeks

Anonymous said...

Who accused you of being smarter 10:47 ?

Anonymous said...

WAT? Are you the dude's dealer?