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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

10 Common-sense Solutions to the Economic Crisis Caused by China

[A parody by the Washington Free Beacon Staff ]

In this time of global crisis and economic uncertainty, both Democrats and Republicans have been seeking to exploit the China-caused pandemic in pursuit of partisan policy objectives. Shame on them!

The Washington Free Beacon, in partnership with the David Gergen Institute for Excellence in Bipartisan Ethics and Legislative Policy Solutions (DGIEBELPS), has engineered the following economic relief proposals to rescue the American economy from the ongoing Wuhan crisis. Congress should include them as part of any legislative effort to revive the economy in these perilous times.

1) Tax Cuts Now: In an effort to provide much-needed relief for struggling hedge funds and other high-frequency traders, a permanent holiday on all capital gains taxes should be implemented immediately. In addition, back-dated subsidies should be considered for all who have suffered under the inheritance tax regime since it was wrongfully re-instituted in 2011.

2) Firearms for All: In addition to (or perhaps instead of) sending checks to all Americans, the government should consider providing complimentary firearms to all citizens, particularly the most vulnerable. As our local police forces become strained in the fight against looters and other petty criminals, regular citizens must be empowered. Firearms inequality will only be exacerbated by the crisis without strong federal action. Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control should issue new guidance on proper social distancing at gun shows.

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Anonymous said...

All the Govt's need to LEARN from this time & BE READY for

the Next Time !!! They Should have been ready this time but
were NOT !!

With the Terrorists Threat & Communist Threat this day & Time

Making PLANS is a Necessity !!! America should be ready for
ANYTHING >> incl Nuclear Attack !!!! Or ELSE !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Washington Free Beacon doesn't even make good toilet paper

Anonymous said...

#1 Make state's Unemployment extend > (Federal 6 months extention)

No search or any of the Normal Requirements to ALL !!

Anonymous said...

You will NEver get unemplyment on the phone & can't always file it online
if it does not work !!

The state should then , take your application from E-Mail because you
can't file if you can't get to them & you need your $$$ NOW !!!

Hell you could never get to them on a Normal day , let alone Now in a
National Emergency > Ain't gonna happen on No damn Phone !!!!

Anonymous said...

Unemployment Never wanted you to get your $$$
It wants to Keep all that Billions or Trillions from Employers
for the Govt's SLUSH FUND !!! & don't want You to get ANY !!!

That's WHY One frigg'in Phone # for the whole damn state & you ain't
getting threw !!!

Good Luck cause you WILL damn shure need it !!!! Incompetant GOVT

Anonymous said...

Unemployment should have 50 phone lines you can call on NOT ONE !!!

Anonymous said...

Congress should Not be Paid until WE are !!!!
Democrats trying to keep all they can from us !!!
Our damn Unemployment should be Alot more than the Normal amount
& New Rules Not the old rules should be in effect for the Nat'l Emergency !!!

Alot more Phone lines are needed to Unemployment too !!!! All States

Anonymous said...

Reason they want to force you to work is for your TAXES from your check !!!
& they even Tax unemployment too , which is WRONG & needs to be fixed !

Anonymous said...

Better NOT give OUR unemployment $$$ to any illegals or it will be WAR !!