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Thursday, November 08, 2018

The Right to Hunt Is Now Constitutionally Protected in North Carolina

The state is the latest where voters have weighed in on the debate.

North Carolina voters on Tuesday approved an amendment to codify the right to hunt and fish in the state’s constitution.

This type of amendment is not new, though it has rapidly gained steam in the last two decades. More than 20 states have cemented a constitutional right to hunt and fish -- most through the ballot box.

The effort was backed by outdoor sporting groups and the National Rifle Association (NRA) but faced concerns from animal rights groups.

Approved by 57 percent of the vote, this change will limit the state's ability to regulate hunting and establish hunting as the "preferred" means of managing wildlife.

Some opponents view this policy through the lens of gun rights. After all, the NRA testified in support of the amendment in June. But supporters say it's about protecting a rural pastime that in some cases becomes a necessary source of food.



Anonymous said...

Have you heard anything about Red lobster disrespecting the American flag ... It's supposed to be on Facebook ?????? Salisbury MD....

Anonymous said...

Let's see what there is left for them to hook shoot or eat with their EPA rejections ?

Anonymous said...

Maryland is not one of them? Hogan?

Anonymous said...

De and Md should push for the same, it will help secure the 2nd with the right to bare. Who do we go thru to get this on the ballot in 2 years for De and Md?

Anonymous said...

What say you HOGAN ? or are you just going to be a LAME DUCK ????

Anonymous said...

Dave T: Larry can't answer you! He has to wait for the liberals to tell him what he's allowed to say. Pretty absurd to think the American public has been tricked into believing that we have to legislate a God given right to make it acceptable and legal to hunt and fish. Even more ridiculous that politicians feel it incumbent upon themselves to strip the people of their God given rights.