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Thursday, November 08, 2018

What Do You Have?


Anonymous said...

I've had both ... The iPhone is more intelligently designed and easier to navigate.

Anonymous said...

I have had both and the Samsung is difficult to navigate and always begins to have technical issues after a year or so. The battery life also turns to crap after about a year. iPhone is much better made and easier to use.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I've had both ... The Android based Samsung is more intelligently designed and easier to navigate. And, I have had it for over 3 years without a new battery, unlike IPhones which push out updates to kill your battery after 2 years.

Anonymous said...

5:17am - bs, iphone is completely backwards in thinking on navigating. I swear you have to be slightly r''ed to use it.

Additional pluses for Android: tougher screen, much longer battery life, quicker charge time, lower cost of ownership, much longer lifespan (my droid ultra is 5 years old and still works like a brand new phone, know people with Galaxy 2 or 3 that work just fine)

Anonymous said...

I had an Iphone 3,4,4S,5 and 5s. Then I went to Android and never looked back (Primarily Samsung Galaxy Series). Many like the poster above says Iphones are easier to Navigate but they don't realize that Android and Iphone navigate the exact same way. One row of primary apps at the bottom like phone, Text, Email and music and then icons on the page for everything else. If you look at an Iphone screen and an Android screen the layout is identical.

The difference is that if you want your android to look different you can but by default there is no difference.

Also I never have to use Itunes software in order to connect my Android to my PC and don't have to use Itunes only movies on the phone. Then add in the fact that I can add a memory card to expand memory. If you want more memory on an Iphone you have to buy a new Iphone.

Since Android is owned by google any PC that I sign into Gmail will have access to my google cloud storage. None of the Icloud software crap to deal with.

Finally Android cost less than an Iphone.

I will never own an Iphone again.

Anonymous said...

I switched from iPhone when I found out that Apple intentionally throttled older phones, then when caught blamed it on batteries, then offered to sell people new batteries for their throttled phones.

No thank you. That's just evil. Plus Apples un-user friendly "it's our way or it's no way" is infuriating.

I've gone Andriod (Samsung S8), and never looked back. More customization, more user friendly, did I mention water proof? More apps, better features, more choices, better compatibility with other devices.

For the life of me I can't fathom why anyone would ever want an iAnything ever again.

Seriously, who does that? Slows down their older products and doesn't tell anyone until they are obviously caught? THEN deny it was to try to sell newer stock. No thank you.

Anonymous said...

i think it all depends on the user. I have had both. i love Apple and will not go back to androids. Apple phones do last for a long time. Just upgraded to the 7 from a 4 the only reason i upgraded was for a bigger screen. i do find that Apple is easier to use then a android but i do like with a android that you can get cards for it. Apple you cant. all in all im very happy with Apple and no desire to go back to google.