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Thursday, November 08, 2018

One Final Lie from Martin O’Malley

You may have seen former Governor Martin O’Malley’s pathetic bid for relevance on the Baltimore Sun’s op/ed page prior to the election, where he makes baseless allegations of corruption against Governor Larry Hogan.

The frame of O’Malley’s nonsense hangs on the thin plaster of Our Maryland’s shoddy research.

Our Maryland is the dark money funded Democratic front group founded by progressive activists and Annapolis machine hacks.

Our Maryland claims that the Governor’s real estate firm, which is in a separate trust, benefitted “from decisions made by employees in his administration.”

These claims are demonstrably and provably false. Easily accessible public records show that initial planning and engineering decisions on the transportation projects Our Maryland claims benefitted the Hogan Companies, were in fact made during…

You guessed it, The O’Malley administration.

Here’s a quick Fact vs. Fallacy table that breaks down Our Maryland’s hatchet job.



Anonymous said...

omalley is a democrat and just like all the rest of them he is a liar. As a matter of fact the ONLY thing democrats excel at is lying. They only time they didn't lie was when they called themselves nasty and nasty piss poor excuses for human being they are. Look at Baltimore city or any other depressed violent city in this nation. Common denominator is they have been under democrat control for generations. democrats have not ever will nor they ever do any good for society. Why the people even vote for them is the mystery. Since they do they deserve nothing more then to have to wallow in the cess pools of crime and poverty. They have no right to complain since they vote for the democrats.

Anonymous said...

What a relief it is he is gone.

Anonymous said...

Good gosh O'Palley, just retire like your SUCcessors - QUIETLY man!

Do the words "old news" or "irrelevant" mean anything to you?
Ok, how about the letters F.O.?

ONE DAY UNTIL TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It Owemalley had his way, Maryland workers would just send their entire paycheck to Annapolis...He is as big an idiot as Jim Acosta...