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Thursday, November 08, 2018

Over PETA's Objections, California Voters Pass Strict Animal Protections

Advocates say Prop. 12 represents the world's strongest protections for animals raised for human consumption.

California voters approved what advocates say are the strictest animal protections in the world.

Although Proposition 12 is intended to improve conditions for animals raised for meat and eggs, it pitted two of the nation’s leading animal rights groups against one another.

The initiative bans the sale of meat and eggs from animals confined to areas that don't meet minimum space requirements. By 2020, calves will be entitled to 43 square feet each. Breeding pigs will be given 24 square feet. Egg-laying hens will get one square foot and need to be cage-free.

All of this will “significantly reduce the suffering of millions of animals and make food safer for California families,” said Chris Holbein of the Humane Society, the leading sponsor of the proposition.


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