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Thursday, November 08, 2018

Some in Jewish Community Advocate Bearing Arms After Pittsburgh

The attack on Pittsburgh's Tree of Life synagogue was the worst attack on Jews in American history. It reignited the debate over how to deal with such mass-casualty attacks, especially in the Jewish community.

Progressive Jewish groups came out in favor of gun control in the days that followed. The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism called for "common-sense" restrictions. The Jewish Reconstructionist Communities endorsed a "ban on assault weapons." Rep. Ted Deutch (D., Fla.), a Jewish congressman whose district covers Parkland, where a school shooting killed 17 in February, stressed that "gun safety is on the ballot" Tuesday.

Pro-gun Jews, including a number who spoke with the Washington Free Beacon, took a different approach, with many advocating for those in the Jewish community to arm and train themselves.

Tomer Israeli, a former chief security officer in the Israeli Shin Bet and owner of the Israeli Tactical School, said the answer to anti-Semitic attacks is similar to that of other violent attacks: training and preparation.

"The best tactics should be prevention with counter-surveillance skills side by side with firearms skills around sensitive locations. In simple words, deter, detect, and intercept," he said.

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Anonymous said...

I think that they should arms themselves. There should be a gate keeper in all large community functions, places of worship, schools, etc to keep out evil.

Anonymous said...

Dave T: Well how it that going to work when many stupid Jews support the liberal left and its anti-gun agenda? Change of heart? I'd doubt it. Fixing stupid is almost impossible.

lmclain said...

They LET themselves be disarmed once before (why should they worry? They weren't doing anything wrong....the same thing YOU say today!!!!).
Next thing ya know, SIX MILLION of them were (by their "leaders"!!!!!), gassed, raped, enslaved, shot, and cooked.
Let's all repeat history again (because MOST PEOPLE don't know any of it).
The rest of us?
Buying every gun we can and all the ammo available.
We may be killed, but it won't be while we're on our knees or lined up in ditches.
Keep cheering. They did....