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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

FBI Finally Fires Its Point Man In The Clinton Coverup And Russia-Collusion Concoction

On Friday, the FBI finally fired Agent Peter Strzok — the Trump-hater at the epicenter of the Clinton email coverup, the creation of the Russia-collusion lie, investigator on Mueller’s hitsquad, and interviewer of General Flynn.

The Swamp has protected him for over a year—and even through the weekend of his firing as not a word of it leaked out until he had time to set up op-eds and an online funding account.

What a guy! From his frequently-pronounced demonical appearance to his hate-filledmessages expressing his rage, contempt and disdain for Mr. Trump and determination to “stop” him, Strzok personified the politicization and weaponization of the FBI and Department of Justice that Trump was elected to terminate.

Agent Strzok, however, did far more than just exchange hateful text messages about Donald Trump and his supporters. Strzok was the point-person for many of the outrageous actionstaken within the FBI and the Department of Justice to protect Hillary Clinton at all costs and to destroy the Trump candidacy and presidency.


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Anonymous said...

Fires!! He should be in jail.