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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Cornell professor: Media headlines 'overstate' Elizabeth Warren's DNA test results

The press is making too much of the DNA test results revealed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, thatpurport to show she likely does have a distant ancestor who was Native American, according to Cornell Law professor William Jacobson.

Jacobson writes for the conservative blog Legal Insurrection and has attempted to trace Warren's lineage for years. He argued Monday that the results, which Warren released and had published in the Boston Globe, merely show she may have one single ancestor of Native American heritage six generations or more ago but said that report is not conclusive and that it would be inaccurate to say she proved her claims of lineage.

"Despite the weakness and speculative nature of the findings, media headlines are achieving Warren’s intended purpose of acting as if this is conclusive," wrote Jacobson.



Anonymous said...

(((They))) want you to believe. (((You know who))) wants your ""Votes"" ! Now Pacohontos. What is her problem ? You know what. Could it be that she is one of (((them))) like the Kenyan-in-Chief?

lmclain said...

My DOG has more Indian blood than she does.

The democrats are down to being filmed ADMITTING they have to lie to the people to get their votes. FILMED!
They will say (or NOT say) anything to get power.
Have I mentioned HANGING THEM???
Or set them on fire. Just as good.

(Don't talk about socialism, open borders, higher taxes, letting illegal criminals vote or ANY other parts of the democrat platform....just lie until you get elected based on those lies....THEN go back to socialism, etc.)

Like Lindsey said, "God help us if you ever get power.".

Anonymous said...

Ah ! Yes. You see with Your Own **Minds Eye(s)** /brain!\

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Cherokees have told her to cease and desist.

It's plain to see she resorted to claiming Indian heritage in order to get an unfair advantage in competitive hiring situations. And the prospective employers were only too happy to 'bump their numbers' by having a real, genuine, authentic Indian on payroll. They had no way to prove or disprove her claim, and given the PC culture at liberal universities, had no interest or incentive to look further. Plus to do so would be to invite repercussions. Broken system, which she knew and exploited.

Flash forward to her first Senate run, and she extended her fraud to the electorate at large. But with this latest master stroke she may have educated the electorate as to the pervasive fraud she is.

SomersetLady said...

This whole thing makes me laugh. Especially this!! Lol.