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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Donald Trump Causes His Opponents to Self-Destruct

RUSH: Let me ask you a question. How long has the media been telling us that it’s only a question of time that something happens that will make Donald Trump self-destruct? They’ve been telling us this since prior to the presidential election. They’ve been telling us since the campaign, since Trump came down the escalator three years ago, June of 2015. The media has been telling us and noted experts in the Washington establishment have been telling us that it’s Trump who’s gonna self-destruct.

Something’s gonna happen and Trump’s gonna blow up and we’re gonna see who the real Trump is, and everybody’s gonna be shocked and surprised and saddened, and then everybody’s gonna want Trump swept away. But it never happens. It never happens. Instead (chuckles), we keep watching his critics self-destruct. Trump’s opponents melt down now practically every day over the fact that Trump isn’t melting down.

They melt down over the fact that they can’t make Trump melt down. Latest example, Fauxcahontas herself. You want to talk about melting down and self-destruction, you are looking at it. Elizabeth Warren… You know what I think? I think there are four women here that attempted, essentially, an October Surprise against Donald Trump, and they’ve all bombed out. We had Hillary, Dianne Feinstein, Fauxcahontas, and who’s the other? There’s one other woman. They’ve all mounted things.



Anonymous said...

People fail to realize how intelligent our President is, hes playing 4 D chess and they are still trying to figure out their first move. Yea he shoots off at the mouth once in awhile but thats to keep his opponents off guard thinking they just MIGHT break him. He won’t and they won’t get their way. Its one heck of a show, and hes the star.

Anonymous said...

Win win win