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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Trump Chooses Readiness for Real War Over Culture War

Lost in all the screaming, pearl-clutching and whining over the crap-sandwich omnibus, which President Donald Trump told the American people was a crap sandwich before signing it, was the fact that Trump also made a big decision on military readiness. He issued a new directive in line with recommendations made by Secretary of Defense James Mattis.

The gist of the policy is that those who have undergone gender-reassignment surgery are disqualified from serving, as are those who are transitioning. Some service members are being grandfathered in, but they have to meet deployability standards. Those diagnosed with gender dysphoria can serve, provided they show three years of medical stability.

First of all, many Americans — including at least two of your Patriot Post team members — are what might be called “involuntary civilians” due to medical issues or history. There’s a whole list of disqualifying medical conditions available at

Now compare the sex-transition process as described by Buzzfeed (not exactly a conservative bastion) or WebMD (generally non-political) to a couple of prescriptions for inflammatory bowel disease (a disqualifier for enlistment), having a hernia, or poor vision (which wiped out the military career of one Tom Clancy and kept Ronald Reagan stateside in World War II).

WebMD describes some very major surgical procedures in the sex-transition process. These are only “necessary” because of a serious mental condition called gender dysphoria, and that’s not to mention a high likelihood of suffering post-surgery anxiety or depression, as well as physical complications arising from the reassignment surgery. After reading those sites, ask yourself this question: Would I consider someone going through that process as being able to deploy to Iraq or Afghanistan for a year?

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