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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Research: Amnesty for Illegal Aliens Would Cost U.S. Taxpayers $2 Trillion

Giving amnesty to the millions of illegal aliens living across the United States will cost American taxpayers about $2 trillion, a researcher predicts.

Princeton Policy Adviser President Steven Kopits says in his latest research on illegal immigration that handing over amnesty to illegal aliens would come with a “steep” price tag for American taxpayers.

Kopits notes that if illegal aliens are given amnesty, they will “sooner or later” become “eligible for government programs.”

Although not many illegal aliens have reached retirement age yet, Kopits predicts that by 2025 and into the 2030s, more and more illegal aliens will become eligible for taxpayer-funded retirement programs like Social Security and Medicare.



Anonymous said...

Get them THE HELL OUT ....they have cost ENOUGH already !!!!
Make the damn Democrats Pay for it !!!!

Give OUR benfits to OUR people ...Not rest of world !!!

Anonymous said...

Actually we do need them here because they do the jobs everyone else are too lazy to do - blue collar/low paying jobs. When was the last time you saw landscaping services without Hispanics? Orchard's without Hispanics?

Yeah, we do need them.

Anonymous said...

Classic diversion tactic by the upper class. Turn the middle class against the poor while we steal from both of them.

How do you intend to make every Democrat pay for it? Another baseless thought from a three toothed hillbilly

Anonymous said...

Congressman work hard day and night to make sure the poor don't get the help they need. Mention illegals getting welfare and a conservative cries out "that's for Americans!". Mention Americans receiving welfare and conservatives cry out "they need to work harder, get a better job, lace up your boot straps, etc.". Idiots.

Anonymous said...

2:40, that's a lie, and those employers know they are breaking the law. Law enforcement and a wall would cost less than that $2 trillion.

Anonymous said...

Criminal. That Our Benefits are GIVEN away when we Americans starve and work our asses off

Anonymous said...

We absolutely do not need them. They are nothing more than a burden.

Anonymous said...

Add the question of how much a person would like to give on their TAX returns (and give it). If they are willing to pay and there is enough response, go for it, if not, stop asking and use what you collect towards state or federal spending (and let the people know that is a possibility up front. (and of course it is a tax write off the next year). Let people decide with their own money.