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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Rapper Killer Mike to 'Progressive' Gun Grabbers: 'You're not Woke,' and 'You're Going to Progress Us into Slavery'

While students and activists geared up to march in Washington, D.C., and across the country in support of new restrictions on the Second Amendment, rapper Killer Mike warned that gun control is way the progressive left can return black Americans to slavery.

In an interview with NRATV’s Colion Noir, Killer Mike explained how the left equates gun control with progress and observed, “[They are] going to progress us into slavery.”

In the lead-up to the March 14 school walk out for gun control, Killer Mike said he told his kids, “I love you, but if you walk out that school walk out my house.”

“You can’t continue to be the lackey,” the Atlanta-based rapper and business owner said. “You’re a lackey of the progressive movement because you have never disagreed with the people who tell you what to do.”



Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me, I could use a guy to mow, rake, and other jobs around this place.

Anonymous said...

It's what sheep do. Bleat, eat, follow, repeat.

It'll be on a t-shirt soon. Jump on it now, Joe, while the getting is good.

Anonymous said...

Please please to ALL the liberal entitlement believers in Salisbury you're not "WOKE". Torres Wize your peeps need to ease up on the Ebonics 'YO