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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Senator Fraser Anning says white South African farmers in 'genocide' from 'subhuman' black thugs

An Australian senator claims white South African farmers are suffering a 'state-sponsored genocide' at the hands of their black countrymen.

Independent senator Fraser Anning urged the Australian government to grant farmers refugee status in a speech to a rally in Brisbane on Sunday.

'This is the start of a genocide as far as I'm concerned, and it's only going to get worse because the genocide has just started,' he said.



Anonymous said...

Gotta love those marxist commies. Kill whitey and Give me your property because im black. However i am to dumb to farm to lazy to work. So when your country fails and starves dont come crawling to the UN. There is a special place in hell for these animals

Anonymous said...

Burn your crops and leave. Let them all starve.

Anonymous said...

It's politics, where there are always unseen forces behind violence and death.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to America. It is no different here. The Blacks are entitled and grossly uneducated about the gift of living in America. All you have to do is work. There have always been poor Whites and every other race for that matter. Those of us that are not born with a silver spoon have to work. It is the hand we are dealt. Some rise above it. The people able to see more in themselves seem to flourish. The left wing antagonist look for any fake news they can to exploit children. How far away are we from making reparations to those who have never lifted a finger to help themselves. America needs to bring back capitol murder and work programs. I noticed all the big name Black money goes to visit Africa and never stays long. Then they come back here and cry about the poverty and mistreatment. Some then they raise money where ten cents on the dollar goes to the poor. Their lackeys get the rest. Enough already I respect anyone willing to work for what they have regardless of race or religion. All these snowflakes need to pull up their pants and stop crying. Enough is enough