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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Exodus: Baltimore Residents Flee Collapsing City, Census Figures Warn

Baltimore City ranks somewhat high on the “shithole” list for its widespread death and destruction. After fifty years of failed democratically controlled leadership, the eastern and western districts of the inner-city have deteriorated into a complete and utter war-zone. This is not a new phenomenon but has been worsening for decades.

In 2017, the city’s population hit a 100-year low, as residents abandoned their neighborhoods to escape the opioid-infused violent crime that continues to ripple through the city streets. In fact, the violent crime is so severe in the region, that the homicide rate is now the highest in the entire country.

According to The Baltimore Sun, the U.S. Census Bureau recorded one of the most significant population declines for Baltimore City than any jurisdiction in the nation this past year. The city had the second-largest decline of any county for 2016 through 2017, second only to Cook County (Chicago), according to the latest figures from the U.S. Census Bureau.



Anonymous said...

Bye bye, Hon!

Anonymous said...

Hello Salisbury!

Anonymous said...

It's embarassing to say I live in Maryland.

Anonymous said...

What else is there to do? The mayor is an idiot and the police force continues to have rotten apples rise to the top. All one can do is leave since there is no penalty. Unfortunately "charm city's" problems eventually become the Eastern Shore's problems.

Good thing there is a Mayor in Salisbury who can stop this mess!

(insert laugh track - NOW!)

Anonymous said...

The more that people flee, the more the rest of the state's taxpayers are on the hook to support this cancerous city.