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Thursday, November 30, 2017

CrimeReports Alerts for Salisbury Crime

Your CrimeReports alert for the day: Nov 28, 2017.This update includes all incidents added to the map since the last update you received.
Note: Alert areas are calculated using a standard-sized monitor. Depending on the size of your browser window, you may see a different number of incidents when you click the "map incidents" link.
Location: Salisbury Crime
0 IncidentsNov 28, 2017
Due to ongoing investigations, some incidents are not immediately added to the database. These incidents have been added since your last alert.
Property Crimes46
Quality of Life Crimes2
Violent Crimes10


Anonymous said...

Gee did someone get caught with their pants down and backside showing? Suddenly their is an update with crime reported! I would find nearly impossible for Salisbury to go 7 days without even a bicycle being reported as stolen ... maybe they just consider those as 'unauthorised use'!

Anonymous said...

you are close, it is not unauthorized use but "undocumented loan"