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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Conservative Speaker ARRESTED During Speech at UConn

A reporter for the Gateway Pundit and previous White House press pass holder Lucian B. Wintrich has been “accosted” at a community college while delivering a speech entitled “It’s Okay To Be White.”

The speech, which took place last night at the University of Connecticut ended with Wintrich being escorted out by the police after one of the professors (often misreported as a student) approached Wintrich at the podium and stole the papers on which he had printed his speech. Wintrich, 29, has since been released by authorities and is now biting back on social media against the left wing news outlets that are mis-characterizing what happened.

One paper, the Chicago Tribune, says that windows were broken nearby and a smoke bomb was set off just outside of where Wintrich was giving his presentation. The reporter made his appearance while wearing a tux. Around 100 students were gathered outside of the lecture hall when he was brought out by police who nabbed him after he appears to have physically engaged with the professor who took his notes.

As posted by Lucian on Twitter, the woman who took his papers is a professor at the community college and he was charged with “breach of peace,” not assault. The speech, he pointed out, was about the disingenuity of the main stream media who choose to lie instead of report the plain truth.



Anonymous said...

I see a lawsuit in the future. His constitutional rights of free speech were infringed. They should not be allowed to get away with this!

Anonymous said...

Trump will CERTAINLY win again. Democrats have lost the party.

Anonymous said...

He wasn't arrested for the speech. He was arrested for the fight with the liberal professor. Now, whether that was legal or not is impossible to tell from here.