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Friday, June 16, 2017

Somerset County Sheriff's Office Press Release 6-16-17

On June 14, 2017 the Sheriff's Office conducted a check of the following businesses for tobacco compliance: Lucky’s Store in Chance, Arby’s Store in Wenona, the One Stop in Eden, Rite-Aid, Food Lion, Family Dollar, Dollar General, Kings Creek Market and Royal Farms in Princess Anne, Goose Creek and Dash In in Westover and River Market in Pocomoke.
All were found to be in compliance.

On June 15, 2017 the Sheriff's Office conducted another check of the following businesses for tobacco compliance: Food Lion in Crisfield and Princess Anne, Family Dollar in Crisfield and Princess Anne, Dollar General in Crisfield and Princess Anne, Goose Creek in Westover and Princess Anne, One Stop in Eden, Dash In in Westover, River Market in Pocomoke, Fast Gas and Brew Thru in Crisfield, Kings Creek Market, Kash & Karry, Royal Farms and Rite Aid in Princess Anne.

All were found to be in compliance except for Food Lion in Princess Anne. Charges are pending.

Sheriff Howard would like to thank all those businesses that were found to be in compliance as it is very important to keep tobacco products out of the hands of persons underage


Anonymous said...

That's a good report card for Princess Anne stores. What about Salisbury bet they wouldn't pass, and if not those businesses could generate $ for Salisbury. Same is true for over grown weeds and grass around Salisbury Businesses example the Elks Golf Club to the YMCA, Salvation Army along Eastern Shore Drive. If we had a mayor that stayed on top of things and saw ways of making $ rather than spending.

Unknown said...

good to see we are safe from tobacco. (not) how about doing a check on drugs and making sure the weight is correct?

Anonymous said...

Keeping tobacco out of the hands of minors or keeping Marylanders from buying Virginia cigarettes where they're significantly cheaper because VA doesn't tax the hell out of smokers? There in lies the real question.

Anonymous said...

Was there any reports of actual selling to underage people in any of these stores?

Or, was this simply another illegal warrantless search / entrapment program?

Leave us alone!
We used to be free

Anonymous said...

Lets hope all the heroin dealers are checking ID's too.

Anonymous said...

How much fake over time did george Nelson get? 40 hrs 50 hrs?

Anonymous said...

That Food Lion sinner is going to burn in hell!

Anonymous said...

Heroin dealers beware! Make sure you have your dealer's license ready and the dosages are correct! Also for crack and meth dealers as well.

I know, government regulations are jacking up your prices and it's hard to stay competitive, but still,you must comply.

Oh, wait... never mind...