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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Sierra Club Formulates Massive email Thanking Committee Vote To Ban MD Fracking

Fracking Ban passes house committee, HB 1325
March 6, 2017

In case you missed it, HB 1325, the Maryland fracking ban passed out of the House Environment and Transportation Committee at Friday March 3rd.

The vote was a whopping 18-4, with 2 absenses.

Link to Committee Vote Count HERE.

Please help us in thanking delegates for their votes. Here is a sample tweet you can use.
YES William Wivell 02A @delegatewivell (410) 841-3447
YES Robert Flanagan 09B @FlanaganForEC 410-841-3077
YES Dana Stein 11 410-841-3527
YES Clarence Lam 12 @ClarenceLamMD 410-841-3205
YES David Fraser-Hidalgo 15 @fraserfor15 410-841-3186
YES Kumar Barve 17 @KumarBarve 410-841-3464
301-417-0158 (District)
YES Jim Gilchrist 17 410-841-3744
YES Alfred Carr 18 @alfredcarr 410-841-3638
YES Barbara Frush 21 @delegate61hotma 410-841-3114
YES Anne Healey 22 @DelegateHealey 410-841-3961
301-779-4515 (District)
YES Marvin Holmes 23B @MarvinEHolmesJr 410-841-3310
YES Tony Knotts 26 @VoteKnotts 410-841-3212
YES Pamela Beidle 32 @beidlep1 410-841-3370
YES Andrew Cassilly 35B 410-841-3444
YES Carl Anderton 38B @carlandertonjr 410-841-3431
YES Shane Robinson 39 @ashanerobinson 410-841-3021
YES Stephen Lafferty 42A @delsteve42 410-841-3487
YES Cory McCray 45 @electcorymccray 410-841-3486
YES Robbyn Lewis 46 @RobbynLewis46th 410-841-3772
ABSENT Jay Jalisi 10 @FriendsofJalisi 410-841-3358
ABSENT Herb McMillan 30A @herbmcmillan 410-841-3211
NO William Folden 03B 410-841-3240
NO Kathy Szeliga 07 @MarylandKathy 410-841-3698
NO Jerry Clark 29C (410) 841-3314
NO Jay Jacobs 36 410-841-3449
NO Charles Otto 38A 410-841-3433


Anonymous said...

Communism on the march.

These people are nuts!

These are the same people that would vote to ban dihydrogen monoxide

Anonymous said...

Once again Maryland economy gets hurt again with the help of a multimillionaire who doesn't live in Maryland or pay taxes in Maryland but somehow knows what is best for Maryland.

Anonymous said...

Carl, shame. Read up on this a little more, Brother. It's been going on for decades without harm.