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Saturday, March 11, 2017

St. Patrick’s Day Parade Organizers Holding Firm, For Now

OUTVETS, an organization of homosexual veterans, marched in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in South Boston in March 2016. But parade organizers this year said no. AP Photo

Displaying the rainbow flag violates the code of conduct for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in South Boston and that’s why a group that consists of homosexual veterans is so far not being allowed to march, parade organizers said Thursday.

The code prohibits “the advertisement or display of one’s sexual orientation.”

“The Council established the Code of Conduct to protect the theme and historic integrity of the Parade. Since its founding in 1901, the Parade has been a celebration of country, community, and the Catholic faith,” parade organizers said in a press release. “The question at hand is not one of inclusion or discrimination. The Council is accepting of all people and organizations, but it will not permit messages that conflict with the overall theme of the Parade.”



Anonymous said...

If gay people want to be treated as equals, why then do they continually point out their uniqueness instead of just being cool. When was the last time a straight person paraded through the streets with a "Hi, I'm a breeder!" sign flying above their head? They generate their own discrimination by constantly harping on it. Personally couldn't care less if someone is gay or straight. As long as they're a cool person whose kind and decent, their sexual orientation is frankly none of my business. Liberals continue this crap of ID politics and keep people separated on PURPOSE! They believe that anarchy is the way to garner votes, when in fact, it's a POLICY that wins for voters that really is the real can. Why they don't learn this is beyond comprehension.

Anonymous said...

I heard on the radio this morning they reversed their decision.

Anonymous said...

Jamming it down everybody's throats. Go home and close the doors. Nobody is interested in what you do there.

Anonymous said...

The invitation to the parade may have been sent by one organizer, not the group as a whole.

Anonymous said...

The parade is about Irish heritage and a Catholic saint. 'Nuff said.