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Saturday, March 11, 2017

ABC's Huge Gay Propaganda Flop

They say network television is a profit-oriented business, but that's obviously not the case when it clashes with Hollywood's sexual politics. Last week, ABC tried to lecture America with a four-part miniseries on the radical gay left called "When We Rise," and it tanked in ratings despite heavy promotion throughout the Academy Awards broadcast the night before the premiere.

Nightly ratings were cracking just below three million viewers. The cable network FX drew far larger numbers for its O.J. Simpson miniseries last year. The History Channel drew almost two million viewers recently for its miniseries "SIX" about Navy SEAL Team Six. Those are obscure cable channels next to ABC.

While ABC's star-studded propaganda finale drew two million viewers on Friday, March 3, CBS drew 6.6 million for "Hawaii Five-0" and 6.8 million for "Blue Bloods." ABC's "Shark Tank" lead-in drew six million viewers. This was boutique viewing for the left, the latest evidence that GLAAD (formerly the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) is a dominant Tinseltown player. Its revolution must be televised, no matter how many watch.

The show's screenwriter, Dustin Lance Black, lamely tried to claim that all the ratings weren't in.. even the liberal media felt torn about the show's lack of appeal. "As a television drama, it often plays like a high-minded, dutiful educational video," wrote New York Times TV critic James Poniewozik.



Anonymous said...

I have a less favorable view of gays after the attempt of forced normalization.

Anonymous said...

I guess "When WE Rise" we trip and fall flat on our face. Most of us do not care if you are gay or not. We live in a time where anything is acceptable. We just don't want it forced on us and flashed in our faces every time we turn around. You would get tired of it to. If every time you turned around someone was in your face saying I'm straight look at me. Or let's have a parade for straight rights. It just gets old and tiresome and puts more people against you. So hey give it a rest and just live your life.

Anonymous said...

Turn it all off. Go to the internet to view what you want without being bombarded by things you don't.

Anonymous said...

It they had any brains gays would realize that instead of creating an atmosphere of acceptance, it only makes normal persons dislike them even more.