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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Marijuana does affect your GPA in college, study finds

We all know the traits of the classic 'stoner student': poor grades, slow and a lack of work ethic.

Now, a new study has confirmed the stereotype to indeed be true.

Students who smoke high amounts of cannabis have lower grades and perform worse at school, scientists claim.

Researchers observed 1,100 teenagers who had started college in the US with similar rates of academic success over two years.

However, the participants all smoked different amounts of cannabis and consumed various levels of alcohol.

Grade Point Average (GPA) data was tracked for each participant, while their previous exam results were also assessed.



Anonymous said...

The title of the article has left out the part of the study which says "amounts of cannabis AND consumed various levels of alcohol", not just cannabis alone. We already know alcohol has a detrimental effect on brain function by itself so the results of this study could be predicted before it even began. Wonder how much that predictable study cost?

Anonymous said...

The number of people over dosed and died on MARIJUANA last year is ZERO. The number of people over dosed on ALCOHOL is 88,000. The number over dosed on HEROIN 18,000... however Maryland slowest roll out of medical marijuana in any state based the false claims of racism. The governor says state of emergency on heroin but is okay with alcohol being advertised on every network,billboards, social media and sold at stadiums. It's all BS.

Anonymous said...

I smoked all day every day of college I got straight A's every semester every year.

Anonymous said...

Pot robs a person of their motivation to do anything but raid the cookie and potato chip bag along with polishing off a 6 pack. Why would anyone think it would not affect GPA is beyond reason. It just shows more nonsense because that 'study' cost taxpayers money in one way or another. Big waste of time. Look to the history of the hippies from the 60s and you'll get your answer without spending one red cent.

Anonymous said...

955 what was your major? I'll be it wasn't a science, math, or anything that required neurons. You probably majored in basketweaving, glassblowing or women studies.

Anonymous said...

For the record:

Three data-driven clusters emerged: 1) No/low users of both, 2) medium-high alcohol/no-low marijuana, and 3) medium-high users of both substances. Individual cluster derivations between consecutive semesters remained stable. No significant interaction between clusters and semester (time) was noted. Post-hoc analysis suggest that at the outset, compared to sober peers, students using moderate to high levels of alcohol and low marijuana demonstrate lower GPAs, but this difference becomes non-significant over time. In contrast, students consuming both substances at moderate-to-high levels score significantly lower at both the outset and across the 2-year investigation period. Our follow-up analysis also indicate that when students curtailed their substance use over time they had significantly higher academic GPA compared to those who remained stable in their substance use patterns over the two year period."

In a nutshell, avoid these substances or, at least, practice some moderation.

As for the kids' early use studies, everything points to brain function and ability decreases that are permanent in nature, and, according to one study, even are shown to affect the offspring of those users.

"Repeated binge drinking during adolescence can affect brain functions in future generations, potentially putting offspring at risk for such conditions as depression, anxiety, and metabolic disorders, a Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine study has found.

"Adolescent binge drinking not only is dangerous to the brain development of teenagers, but also may impact the brains of their children," said senior author Toni R. Pak, PhD, an associate professor in the Department of Cell and Molecular Physiology of Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine."

Anonymous said...

It's called dope for a reason.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the continued stupidity of potheads. They are the only ones that don't see how dumb they really are.

Anonymous said...

I majored in law and society and double minored in sociology and political science

Anonymous said...

I smoked lots of weed in college and still got a 4.20 GPA.

Anonymous said...

oh boy, even more findings. grades are not always indicative of ones performance in the real world. how many millionaires have you heard about the didnt even finish school, let alone college