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Friday, March 10, 2017

POLL: Trump More Popular Than the Media

A new poll has President Trump being significantly more popular than the media. Of course, an old shoe would be more popular than the biased media these days. 37 percent like the media, versus 45 percent who like Trump. 50 percent hate the media and 47 percent hate President Trump. I’m not one much for polls… they are far too subjective for my tastes, but I would be hugely surprised if Americans didn’t overwhelmingly hate, despise and distrust the mainstream media these days. They’ve given us little cause to feel otherwise.

Trump has been in a knock down, drag out fight with the media since he started campaigning for the presidency. The only difference with Trump, is he’s willing to fight back. He’s also willing to take off the gloves and fight dirty. The media have never experienced that before. If President Trump has done nothing else, he has proven to this country once and for all that the media is a propaganda arm of leftists and can’t be trusted at all anymore. Freedom of the press or not, they are the Fourth Estate.



Jim said...

"He’s also willing to take off the gloves and fight dirty."

I've never seen him 'fight dirty'.

I HAVE seen him hit people right between the eyes with FACTS.

Is that dirty?

Anonymous said...

No brainer for me...

Anonymous said...

One poll last week had Trump up to 52% favorable.