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Friday, March 10, 2017

Pelosi Has MELTDOWN Over Healthcare Bill, Tries To INSULT Trump- Ends Up MOCKING Herself

She’s at again. The wicked witch of the west is walking the walk of a hypocrite…and this time, she is so exposed, and she only has herself to thank for that. Foolish woman.

She must really think we have zero capability to remember anything or that we were watching the ridiculous process of Obamacare come to pass with our eyes closed.

This woman had the audacity to tweet out on the drafting process for the Affordable Care Act and defined it as “one of the most transparent in recent memory.”

She defended Obamacare just as the release of the Republican replacement bill was released…sorta.



Anonymous said...

I wonder if she would have used Obamacare if given the chance.
Doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Old Nancy Choppy-hands is at it again. "we have to pass it to see what's in it!" Yes, she really did say that.
I would really like to know what she stores between her ears.
it's no wonder why our country is in such bad shape when we have leaders like her, Waters and Schumer in control. A bunch of non-essential air breathers.

Anonymous said...

why do you keep electing her?

Anonymous said...

Nancy honey, there's an important form you need to properly fill out which will assist in the ongoing challenges regarding the Alternative Care Act.

Need for you to visit the Congressional supply store (only place where you can get this form) and ask for an entire box of form ID-10T.

Hugs Nanc.

Anonymous said...

she keeps getting reelected because she's so hot

Anonymous said...

214 - barf