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Friday, March 10, 2017

Fearing Cuts, Many Women Stock Up on Birth Control

Mary Bonheimer wants to wait a few years before having another child. Uninsured and working part-time as a waitress so she and her fiancé can split time caring for their 18-month-old daughter, she plans to stay on birth control pills for now.

But Bonheimer, 22, and her friends in Warsaw, Indiana, are worried that the local family planning clinic might shut down under new policies put forward by President Donald Trump’s administration. Her sister had a hormonal implant inserted into her arm that will provide birth control for three years, Bonheimer said. Other women she knows are switching to intrauterine devices (IUDs) and other long-acting contraceptives to ensure they are protected against an unwanted pregnancy for as long as possible.

Nationwide, family planning clinics are seeing a surge in demand for contraceptive services, particularly long-acting IUDs and implants.



Anonymous said...

More fake news. The IUD has been growing in popularity for the past couple of years so its not because of President Donald Trump.

Anonymous said...

Press Release - Maryland State Firemen's Association

MSFA Remarks over Salisbury VFD Lock Out

The Maryland State Firemen’s Association (the MSFA) was formed in 1893, and its members include over 300 volunteer fire, rescue, and EMS companies throughout the state. "The mission of the Maryland State Firemen's Association is to serve, promote, advocate, and represent the interests of the Volunteer Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Medical Services of Maryland."

Adhering to our mission statement, we the MSFA, intend to help any volunteer fire company and protect what is rightfully theirs as provided to them through the trust of our fellow citizens. Allowing a paid or career fire department to simply take what is not rightfully theirs is unacceptable and irresponsible.

On February 22, 2017, approximately 10 volunteer fire fighters from Salisbury Fire Department Inc., Company No. 1 (Salisbury Station 1) voted to end their affiliation with the City of Salisbury as of July 1, 2017, and to move out of city owned facilities into a new facility outside of the Salisbury city limits. There are three volunteer fire companies within the City of Salisbury. Each of those fire companies is a separate corporation and each of the volunteer fire companies receives financial assistance from Wicomico County and the State of Maryland, including funds provided by the Maryland Military Department to volunteer fire companies. Upon receiving notice that the volunteers would be leaving in July, the City of Salisbury immediately evicted the volunteers from the Station.

The President of the MSFA, Michael A. Davis, has reached out to the Maryland Military Department, Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver, and the City of Salisbury. Maryland Military Department has been responsive and is researching the situation. Mr. Culver has expressed sincere interest to assist in this matter. Two calls to the City of Salisbury have not been returned despite expressing the urgency of this matter.

President Davis states “The Maryland State Firemen's Association does not condone the actions of the City of Salisbury locking out the volunteers and seizing the property of Salisbury Station 1. We kindly ask the City of Salisbury to allow the volunteers to have what is rightfully theirs, specifically equipment which was paid for by Salisbury Station 1 with county and state funding. We feel it is very unfortunate that the volunteer department wants to separate from the combination system but it is their right to do as they see fit to provide much needed emergency services to their citizens.”

60.5 % of fire and emergency services are provided by volunteers in the State of Maryland (data provided by Volunteer firefighters save counties an average of more than $60 Million annually. In this day and time, with declining volunteerism, an increase in training requirements, and average homes with 2 working parents, actions like these are detrimental to serving and protecting our neighbors. Volunteer Firefighter's, EMT's, and Rescue workers dedicate their lives to protecting their fellow man, woman, and child no matter the situation, economic status, or political interest.

The MSFA fully intends to use all available local, state, and nationwide resources available to help the Salisbury Station 1 with this matter, just as we would with any of our volunteer fire companies.

For additional information please contact: Michael Davis, MSFA President,

Anonymous said...

Are the volunteers stocking up on birth control?😆

Anonymous said...

Mayor Day needs to be FIRED for this.

Jim said...

Hysterical liberals.

Anonymous said...

Another case of scare mongering by the MSM.

Anonymous said...

Nobody's against women having access to birth control. What people object to is the government funding of ABORTIONS with our tax dollars. Abortion is not an acceptable method of birth control. If a woman CHOOSES abortion to avoid parenthood, the she must find her own means to finance it. Otherwise, avoid getting pregnant by all the other means of birth control. If planned Parenthood would quit providing free abortions funded with tax dollars, there would be no issue with them providing all the other family planning services. Murdering the unborn and calling it "family planning" is absurd.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Welfare baby mommas can close there legs or get a J O B to pay for THERE IUD bc u wanna play U PAY

Anonymous said...

IT is not fake news. sorta. In anticipation of losing my health care, I stocked up on the 2 RX's i have to take each day. Accumulated a years worth. So I am good this year. Next year not so much.

It is a reality for some people and not limited to birth control issues

Anonymous said...

I know alot of people who are stocking up on many drugs, as much as possible that will not expire. there is a 3 year window. not just the one year on the bottle with most drugs.. i myself included am stocking up on everything i can. enough to get me thru a year if possible. Ryancare is a disaster and obamacare is going to implode.