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Friday, March 10, 2017


The discussion on Donald Trump’s wiretapping accusations came up on Fox and Friends for discussion. Hillary Clinton’s former campaign chief, Robby Mook took the opportunity to drop a BOMB!

He stated that the only kind of wiretaps that he would acknowledge were those that were used to investigate Russia during the campaign, and then stated that “Trump aides were caught taking to Russian agents, and those conversations were captured because the intelligence community apparently regularly have taps on the phone lines of those Russian agents” then went on to also make sure he said that the REAL problem was Trump aides talking to “Russia” so much…
Classic left move… deny, twist truth, disburse the blame elsewhere, and declare the “truth” to be the agenda they are trying to push.

Is that brilliance? Maybe… is it right, absolutely not. It is a method that only fools would fall for, and unfortunately we are in a nation that has been bred to fall for these traps for years now. Well not all of us of know that, but enough.

Mook then added that the Clinton campaign was informed by the intelligence community that wiretaps of Russian agents did in fact take place…. and later contradicted himself commenting that Hillary Clinton didn’t have any knowledge of the alleged wiretapping.

Why was the intelligence community informing one campaign of surveillance captured on its opponent?

The “Fox & Friends” hosts pointed to a tweet from Hillary Clinton on Oct. 31 that linked to a column from Slate that attempted to connect a server in Trump Tower to Russia.

The hosts wondered why Clinton might link to that article and who might have leaked the information to Slate.



Anonymous said...

yes, killary knew. that was reported earlier. you're much more busier than me I'm sure but I'm on the internet a lot so I see things before you maybe. I think it was reported as "October surprise" but there are several with that moniker.

Anonymous said...

This government needs to do everything they can do to put the Clinton's in jail as well as the poor house by seizing their assets.

Anonymous said...

They admitted it, so now they need to be prosecuted for this. Hope Trump follows through and presses charges against this evil bitch and and Obama.
They can spin this all they want, but the fact of the matter is they broke the law. Nixon was impeached for far less.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else cringe when you see in the headline "Hillary Clinton" and the word "BLOWS"?


Okay fine, happy Friday then!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

of course she knew and so did MANY others. wake up everyone to the Truth of a 'new world'...brave it isn't.

Anonymous said...

yes the Clintons knew and so did Comey, he laid all her crap out in that speech he gave when he then in turned said they were not gonna recommend indicting her. Lynch Knew and you damned straight Obama knew, and so did Bernie. and Bernie was paid nicely to keep his mouth shut and not bulk their plans. Its fact that Hillary and the DNC and im sure the others had a hand in it to robbed/stole that primary from Bernie with the help of Debbie Wasserman Shultz and its also fact that she and Hillary go back for years. SHe was chairman of Hillarys campaign back in 08 and it was also well known and reported on that Hillary propped the DNC up because like Democrats always do this bunch run it all but into the ground. All these foreign donators were not funneling money into the Clinton foundations for nothing. REmember you gotta PAY TO PLAY! Obama, Holder, Rice, Jay Carnie, Josh Earnst, Lynch, DWS, Biden, Comey, Brennen, Kaine, and several others should all be behind bars! Trump needs to drain that swamp and have them all thrown out and thrown in Prison, Trump needs to get Comey out and get somebody in there that will work with the new DOJ and drain that swamp, and send those swamp rats to prison! and take these negligent MSM reporters with them.