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Friday, March 10, 2017

Kenyan guide murder is latest outrage as tribes grab land

Just a few years back, Kenya’s Laikipia plateau was paradise.

Many times my wife and I have ridden out on horseback at sunrise among elephants and giraffe, buck, warthog and the occasional leopard, marvelling that such wild beauty still exists on earth.

No longer, however.

For many months now, Laikipia’s cattle farms and game ranches, many of them white-owned, have been invaded and overrun by armed tribesmen brandishing automatic rifles, burning buildings and terrorising owners as they claim grazing rights for their own cattle.

On Sunday, this scourge reached a new climax: the famous safari guide, farmer and former British Army officer, Tristan Voorspuy, was shot out of his saddle and killed as he inspected lodges on his estate that had been torched in an arson attack.



Anonymous said...

I think I have read about something similar or maybe the same thing. They (tribes) are reclaiming their land.

Anonymous said...

Is this Obama's peoples...

Anonymous said...

Obama is definitely needed in his home country to restore peace and order. I'll chip in a few bucks to make that happen. Anyone with me?