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Thursday, January 19, 2017


Chris and Amy Chaffee are having a BLAST in D.C. today. Send us your images and we'll do what we can to put them up. Send them to 410-430-5349 or


Anonymous said...

Great picture! They are facing the Lincoln Memorial where the concert was just held. To the right is the Reflecting Pool and behind them the Washington Monument. You can see the crowds in the left of the picture.

Anonymous said...

Could someone explain why Wicomico County School students were forced to watch Obama inauguration. But the County will not be allowing students to watch the Trump inauguration. I was told as a parent if I wanted my student(Bennett HS) to watch the inauguration I should keep them home. The decision was made at a district level.

Paladin said...

Dear readers,

On the day Obama took the oath of office, school administrators were directed (not requested) by Dr. Margo Handy to have all students view the event. Questions should be put forth to her at -



Anonymous said...

Read four stories up what Rep. Maxine Waters said about his behavior getting elected. There are still people who believe this kind of behavior including his bullying behavior is inappropriate. It's the kind of behavior that is not encouraged in church or school. It's going to have to be up to individual family to decide what morals they want to promote with their children and what they want to tell their children about President Trump. Also Obama was America's first and only black president. Quite historical. The other 44 are all white men.

Anonymous said...

So, a liberal educator makes that decision. Is that what you're saying. Someone's political views determined it. Again, this is why Trump won. We are sick and tired of you liberals forcing Koolaid on our kids.
Your prince Obama re-awakened the silent majority. Your twisted-logic world is about to change.
He is going to make America great again.
Btw.. Great photo. I'll be there mañana

Anonymous said...

First muslim president. Race shouldn't matter anyway. He sucked as a president and divided a country like never before. Yeah quite historical!

Anonymous said...

@8:43 Rep Waters is a racist troll. No one gives a crap what she had to say. She is part of the problem and not the solution. She is why we need term limits. But no is a GREAT day to be an American!! TODAY is an historic day!! 🇺🇸