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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Heated Debate Held Over Howard's Sanctuary County Bill

A big crowd turned out Tuesday for a discussion about legislation that would stop local police from checking someone's immigration status without cause in Howard County.

The bill specifically blames President-elect Donald Trump for fueling the controversy, which was on display during a packed meeting of the Howard County Council.

A sea of red shirts displayed by those opposed to the sanctuary bill filled the Howard County Council.

“Why do we have to find common ground?” resident Dave Dobbs asked. “The law says you're not supposed to be in America illegally."



Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever asked the people who are for open borders if they lock the doors in their houses before the go to bed or on a vacation? If they say they lock their doors then why? I imagine they want to keep out unwanted persons who may harm or rob them. Just a thought for the day.

Anonymous said...

Hope the Governor shows up

Anonymous said...

Verify EVERYONE'S status.

Anonymous said...

Illegal is illegal!

Dumbocrats and liberals just don't get the law! How can they become lawyers?!